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A perfect Inrow Precision Air Conditioner A Solution for High Heat Density Data Center
Precision Cooling 25-65 kW

 • Precise and Measurable Cooling
 • Matching to the heat source, the IntenseAir series inrow precision air conditioner directly cools the high temperature hot air from the servers, shortens the air flow path, prevents the energy waste of cold and hot air mix. Through the real-time monitoring of the heat source load, it accurately regulates the cooling output and the air flow output, make the cooling capacity and air volume accurate and predictable, realizes the targeted and accurate cooling, perfectly solves the high heat density problems of data centers.
 • IntenseAir Series Inrow Cooling Characteristics
 •  • More Reasonable and Accurate Air Distribution
 •  • Real-time Monitoring of the Heat Load
 •  • Flexibility and Compatibility of the Space Application
 •  • Dynamic Coordination Output
 •  • Precise Air Volume Control
 •  • Step less Speed Regulating Compressor
 •  • Electronic Expansion Valvec of
 • Unit Configuration of the IntenseAir Series
 •  • Advanced Intelligent Controller
 •  • Multiple sets of the temperature sensor
 •  • Support network group control of multiple units
 •  • Convenient Installation and Maintenance
 •  • 4 Kinds of Air Supply Types
 •  • Components Configuration of DX Unit
 •  • Components Configuration of Chilled Water
 •  • 3 Kinds of Cooling Types
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