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Makelsan Launches The New LevelUps T3 Series
Makelsan , a leading manufacturer of power electronic systems and uninterruptible power supply solutions announced LevelUps T3 Series Ups which combines high reliability, high efficiency and highest power.

LevelUps T3 Series is a true VFI on-line double conversion, three-phase UPS system with Innovative 3 Level Technology and engineered to provide high level of energy efficiency and reliable and robust protection for most demanding industrial and medical environments.

LevelUps T3 combines its best transformer-less 3 level IGBT technology with an embedded isolation transformer to provide highest reliability and robustness and ensure galvanic isolation on the output for ultimate safe installation.

The combination of three level inverter & rectifier technology and embedded isolation transformer makes Level T3 Series one of the most reliable systems for data security and other critical applications.

The compact design of LevelUps T3 Series brings the newest power conversion technology and delivers high efficiency and adaptability to suit any operating environment.

LevelUps T3 is easy to install and maintain. It has compact footprint and can be integrated into harsh commercial and industrial environments.

The New LevelUps T3 series sizes available include 10,20,30,40,60,80,100,120,160,200kVA all with a three phase input and output.

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