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Makelsan installs Ups systems at the Disaster Recovery Center in Durban, South Africa
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Data Centre in Durban, South Africa preferred Makelsan Boxer Series 40kVA Ups Systems to secure uninterrupted power.

The business continuity and disaster recovery center established in Kwazulu Natal by Cloudcom to ensure the companies can continue operating in any circumstance, with minimal downtime.

To secure the smooth operation of the server hardware and office and hall equipments Makelsan Ups Systems were installed by Modac, Makelsan's SA distributor. Alan Gaines, Modac Managing Director, commented "Our customer considered several parameters such as the price-quality ratio, delivery, maintainability, positioning. Makelsan was great choice that provides highly reliable solutions in South Africa. We are proud to have been involved in putting this solution together."

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