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Makelsan continue its successful installations in Hungary
Makelsan has completed the installation of the 2x80 kVA Ups systems at Dr. Kenessey Albert Hospital, in Nógrád, Hungary.

The medical equipments and IT infrastructure which need reliable and high quality power within the healthcare facility is protected by Makelsan's backup power supplies. 2x80kVA Boxer series Ups systems have been choosen to secure the continuity of power supply to critical equipments within all hospital.

Marika Szamper, Strategic Development Director of SOS Ups Ambulancia Kft. - Distributor of Makelsan in Hungary commented: "I believe that Makelsan Ups was the best choice for securing the safety of electrical devices and of course patients in Kenessey Hospital. As SOS Ups we have completed several similar Ups installations in the healthcare centers throughout Hungary. They all working very well so far and fit to Medical sector's requirements."

Can Sahin, Area Sales Manager in Makelsan commented: "This is one of a number of the hospitals that choose Makelsan Ups in Hungary. I am glad to see that one more good solution has been provided by our distributor SOS Ups. I believe many more will follow in 2017."

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