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Makelsan renders service 7 days 24 hours with experts in AC and DC applications, certified technicians and ensures reactive service to help you control the unexpected at all times and reduce intervention time to a minimum, by providing.

Consulting Service
We make a site survey and advise you in the choice of solutions for developing and modernising your installation according to your environment. This advice particularly concerns redundancy ,power increase , recommendations for solutions to harmonics problems. Etc.

Installation Service
This service covers to Validate the installation integrity of your UPS , Perform a full mechanical inspection, Start-up your UPS system ,Verify all operating and monitoring parameters, Provide basic operational training.

On site repair Service
On Site Repair services are designed to get you the help you need on location to bring your business back up and running in a time frame compatible with your business requirements. Our Service Engineers are trained to isolate and correct the problem in as little time as possible, minimizing downtime.

Preventetive Maintenance Service
In order to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency, it is imperative that Preventive Maintenance be performed on a regular basis.

Our service policy is to prevent problems before they occur. Advance power and air systems contain components and parts that will wear out over time. Proper care and regular maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary downtime, saving you time and money. To be sure your system is receiving the care it needs, you need specially trained staff, who are familiar with workings dynamics of the Makelsan products. Preventive Maintenance Contracts

• Give your system the level of service it needs and yourself the peace of mind you deserve.
• Provide yourself free on site repair service for your system and 15% discount for the needed spare parts.
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Technical Assistance
E-mail : support@makelsan.com.tr
Skype : makelsansupport
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